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Handmade Leather Celtic Dice Bag & Tray

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Take your game session anywhere with this handy leather dice bag and tray!

Handmade with genuine leather,  this drawstring dice bag is designed to be easily unfolded to create a dice tray on the go, and to be folded back up into a bag when you're done. A clasp makes it easy to secure the strings to your liking.

Durable cowhide is used, allowing players to use them for years to come. The soft inner lining protects your dice from damage when rolling, while the tray design prevents them from flying off the table. 

Or, you can choose to use the bag for other uses, such as holding coins, keys and other small items. The drawstring and clasp design allows the bag to be hung from a larger bag or backpack.

The perfect accessory for any tabletop adventurer!

Material: Leather