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DND Dice Bag with Pockets - Large Dice Bag with Black Dragon Scales and Real Glass Dragon Eye - D&D Gift

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🦄 FREESTANDING DICE BAG: our Dungeons & Dragons dice bag is designed to stay open during gameplay, so you can just reach in and grab a polyhedral dice set whenever you need one. When you're done, just cinch the drawstring dice bag closed, and you're good to go.

☠️ HUGE DICE STORAGE CAPACITY: This DnD bag of holding measures about 5.5" diameter and 7" tall, which translates to storage capacity easily exceeding 18 complete sets of dice. These dice bags come with six internal pockets that can store your special dice sets.

🦊 BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED: the black dragon scaled (faux) leather exterior is pliable and feels like you are touching a real dragon's skin (minus the possibility of acid breath raining down on you!) The real glass eye, with its black pupil and red iris are sure to inspire fear in even the most hearty adventurer. The poison green satin interior lining adds the perfect finishing touch.

🧛‍♂️ MANY USES: this large dice pouch is ideal for storing one dice set to a dozen or more dice sets, no sweat. DnD figurines, DnD miniatures, or other small DnD accessories will also easily fit inside this pocketed dice bag.

🧟‍♀️ DICE NOT INCLUDED: While our big dice bag with compartments is an excellent dice holder, the dice shown in our photos are not included, and are shown only to provide you a sense of how large this bag is.